How To Drive Solar Further With SolarEdge

Thinking of converting your home to solar energy? As trusted solar installers in Sydney, we provide expert advice on solar power systems, inverters and power optimisers in both residential and commercial properties.

Why invest in solar?

Go Green – Using solar energy allows the use of a sustainable renewable energy source that doesn’t deplete or diminish. “Go green” is not just a catch phrase but a genuine move to protect the environment by producing our own clean energy. It eradicates the need for local or foreign fossil fuels to generate electricity and in turn reduces pollutants contributing to global warming.

Recognised Value – Installation of solar PV systems has grown exponentially in Australia over the last few years at unprecedented rates. Since August 2020 more than 2.53 million rooftop solar power systems have been installed across the country. In fact, Australia has one of the highest levels of take-up rates of solar globally, with more than 21% of Australian rooftops featuring a solar PV panel.

Cost Savings – Most solar PV systems pay for themselves within 3-7 years and will cut the average electricity bill by 30-60%. In addition, government rebates and incentives to offset the cost of installation make it even more appealing.

Quality Solar Panels

If you want to drive your solar further then investing in quality solar PV panels is key. We offer a range of brands, SolarEdge being a popular choice.

SolarEdge supply top of the range solar PV panels, advocating, “Saving energy is not only good for the planet, but also good for your bank balance. Powering your home through renewable energy can save money on your current and future electricity bills, enhance your property value, and lower your carbon footprint”.

What differentiates SolarEdge is their superior technology. On a standard or typical solar PV panel, the system consists of PV panels wired together in a series, like fairy lights. If a single panel stops working or underperforms for any reason (cloud cover, dust, dirt or damage), the entire string subsequently also underperforms. Thus, reducing energy production across the whole string.

SolarEdge superior technology connects an intelligent electronic chip to each solar PV panel which is called a power optimiser. Power optimisers, in corroboration with a system’s inverter, maximise solar energy production by granting each panel individual operation, which in turn reduces power loss. If an individual panel underperforms, it won’t affect the performance of any of the other panels in the string. Power optimisers mitigate against poor solar panel performance caused by a variety of disturbances such as dirt, shading, manufacturing tolerance, different panel orientations etc.

The power optimiser created by SolarEdge has literally revolutionised the way solar PV panels emit solar energy from the panel. The power optimiser maximises output from every individual optimised panel in the solar system. The power optimiser can be attached to any type of panel, if using the Solaredge inverter.

Another unique feature of the power optimiser is its ability to monitor the performance of each panel and communicate its performance data to the SolarEdge monitoring dashboard. This allows you to analyse its progress and adjust anything necessary.

And if you weren’t already impressed, each power optimiser is also equipped with an exclusive safety feature which automatically shuts down panels’ DC voltage whenever the inverter or grid power is shut down. This avoids any potentially life threatening or dangerous situations.

Quality Solar Inverters

A solar inverter is one of the most important elements of the solar electric power system. It converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel into alternating 240V current (AC). This AC electricity then can be fed into your home to operate your appliances. If you’re producing more electricity than you need, it can feed it back into the grid.

This presents several outstanding benefits from SolarEdge. No carbon footprints, using a renewable energy source and no emission of greenhouse gases. In addition, once up-front costs have been realised, there are substantial return-on-investment (ROI) to be made. These are estimated to be approximately 3-4 years for Sydney. This represents dramatic savings on household bills, significant cost-savings in the long term.

Constant advancement in technology makes the solar panels, power optimisers and inverters more efficient, stronger, durable and therefore requiring less maintenance year-round.

The SolarEdge the power optimiser gives you the power to do more with your solar energy.

Every SolarEdge system comes complete with advanced monitoring to provide timely reports on the performance of your solar panels, powerful safety features, cutting-edge technology and superior quality for peace of mind. SolarEdge is a suite of integrated smart energy solutions to further maximise your energy production and energy savings.

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