Maximising the EV advantage with fast chargers and rooftop solar at home

Regardless of whether you currently own an EV in Sydney and beyond or would like to in future, knowing how to maximise the advantages surrounding EV charging – and recharging – is worthwhile.

This is because not only can EV owners today find value in reviewing the current ins and outs of their vehicle use to identify potential new benefits, but would-be EV owners could find it very beneficial to learn more about the technology in anticipation of their future EV ownership.

Soltek Energy, based in Silverwater – in the centre of Sydney has been in the renewable energy industry since the start of the popularity of solar nearly 20 years ago.  We are well-equipped to install EV chargers of may makes, models ad price points.

So, let’s look now at what an EV enthusiast should know about charging their EV at home, and also while out and about.

Recharging via fast chargers vs regular outlets

EV vehicles from a variety of different manufacturers offer owners numerous ways to charge their vehicles. Nonetheless, not all options should be regarded as equal. Recharging via a standard outlet is much slower than fast charging. For folks who use their vehicles infrequently and/or typically travel short distances, charging via a standard outlet at home after hours will be fine. But for those who typically use their cars daily – and will travel longer distances while doing so – a fast charger at home can unquestionably be far preferable.

What about fast charging at work?

Some workplaces may offer fast charging, and in years to come we can expect public EV infrastructure to become more common. This said, at present, such infrastructure remains relatively rare. While charging via a standard outlet at work may also be possible, this should not be presumed. Unless the EV owner is also the one paying the electricity bills for the premises, using power in this way without permission could be an avenue to get in trouble fast!

Fast charging in public vs at home

Just as generations of motorists have done with combustion engines at the petrol station, there’s nothing outright stopping an EV owner from looking to fast charge their vehicle exclusively at a fast charging station in public. But this can become tedious and tricky. Installing a dedicated fast charging station at your own property can make the process of renewing your EV’s energy levels quick and convenient, and remove the need to spend time (especially if required to queue up) out in public using a charger.

An Additional At-Home Benefit with Solar

When combined with a rooftop solar system, EV fast chargers in the home can become even more useful. Not only does this combo offer a way to recharge an EV with clean and green energy, but it can be better for the hip pocket that solar energy generated in-house is used in this way, instead of feeding it back into the grid. This is of course in tandem to the many other benefits rooftop solar systems can provide a home generally.

EV Charging – Is it Right For You?

There is no denying that electrical vehicles are the future for Australian motoring. Being an early adopter will bring savings although (home energy use vs fuel prices), we believe that making a real plan for your household will yield the best results.

If you do not already have solar, then you need to decide if an EV charger is right for you now, or, consider whether solar should be your first priority. If you have already invested in solar, do you have enough energy (solar power) to cater for both your household consumption and charging an electric car? We are all about reducing your reliance on the grid and using sunshine power rather than products that are going to increase your costs with a utility provider. While there are many questions and considerations when investing in EV charging, our Energy Consultants are here to assist. We can explain the when, the how, and best choices available to you rather than purely buy, spend, purchase.

Where to Start on this New Road?

We have a range of quality brands to choose from.

Delta offers a highly versatile portfolio, including DC chargers, AC chargers, and charging site management systems. To meet the increasing prevalence of EVs, our smart-charging infrastructure solutions combine EV charging and distributed energy resources to optimise charging service and energy efficiency.

Ocular provides a wide range of electric vehicle charging stations including home, commercial and DC charging station which are compatible with any electric vehicles in Australia. Our stylish electric car chargers and intelligent software applications are designed by our Australian team to meet Australian conditions.

Contact our Energy Consultants today to learn more and request a quote.