At Soltek Energy we demonstrate our commitment to the renewable energy sector through established partnerships with leading manufacturers and accreditations. Our industry recognitions and positive customer recommendations reflect our dedication to delivering top-tier service.

By actively collaborating within solar industry organisations, we gain access to the latest advancements and training, while partnerships with leading suppliers like Tesla and REC enable us to offer competitive rates.

We continuously strive to expand our industry expertise, professional network, and valuable partnerships, ensuring that we do not just deliver a solar system, right for the Sydney region, but also a custom designed individual solution taking your particular needs into account.

All of our installers and system designers have the latest Clean Energy Council accreditations and we constantly undertake training to stay abreast of the latest renewable industry developments.

Clean Energy Council Member


The Winaico Solar Trusted Partner Program distinguishes top solar installers who share Winaico’s commitment to superior customer satisfaction and workmanship.

This program ensures that only the most skilled installers, who prioritise quality over quantity, are authorised to install Winaico products. Trusted Partners benefit from guaranteed high-quality installations, direct access to Winaico’s resources, and long-term support, enhancing their service offerings to customers.

A key feature of the program is the comprehensive product protection it provides, including a unique 2-year all-risk insurance policy and a 25-year product warranty, which underscores the reliability and performance of Winaico solar panels​.


REC, a global leader in solar energy solutions, has established the REC Certified Solar Professional program to recognise solar retailers and installers who consistently demonstrate exceptional expertise and professionalism.

REC offers some of the best panels in the Australian landscape. SOLTEK energy proudly holds REC Certified Solar Professional accreditation, signifying our unwavering commitment to REC product knowledge, best practices, and superior customer service.

This partnership with REC further reinforces our position as a trusted provider of solar energy solutions, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality installations.

The Importance of Reliable Solar Solutions

At Soltek Energy, we’ve seen firsthand the consequences of choosing cheap, unreliable solar equipment. It’s disheartening to witness customers left in the lurch when these companies close their doors, leaving behind impossible warranties.

Unfortunately, we encounter two to three cases like this every week. The root cause often lies in the initial decision-making process. Many consumers prioritise cost over quality, failing to ask the right questions or conduct thorough research.

We believe in empowering our customers with knowledge and transparency. When you choose Soltek Energy, you’re not just investing in a product – you’re investing in a partner dedicated to your long-term satisfaction and peace of mind. Don’t let dollars blind you to the importance of quality and reliability. Trust Soltek Energy for a solar solution you can count on.


The SolarEdge Preferred Partner Program is designed to acknowledge and reward the most dedicated and customer focused solar installers with valuable benefits aimed at enhancing their business capabilities.

This program allows partners to set themselves apart by aligning with SolarEdge, a global leader in smart energy technology, and provides them with exclusive training and tools to be on top of the industry. Additionally, members will get a listing in the Solar Edge Preferred Installer Directory which only companies that follow Solar Edges strict installation guidelines can be achieve.

Members also take part in product training via industry events, facilitating networking and business growth opportunities


The Enphase Gold Installer program recognises solar & battery system installers that have a significant track record of installing Enphase products and are known for consistently delivering great customer experiences. They are also certified to install Enphase IQ Batteries, ensuring they can provide comprehensive solar solutions including energy storage​​

The program emphasises Enphase’s commitment to quality, from the manufacturing of reliable and efficient solar products to the selection of installers who reflect high standards in their service delivery and consistently maintain high customer satisfaction through quality service​​​​.

For homeowners, choosing an Enphase Gold Installer means receiving expert service in all aspects of solar energy, from initial design and installation to ongoing maintenance and upgrades, ensuring optimal energy production and savings​​.


Reclaim Energy offers environmentally friendly hot water systems that significantly reduce energy costs. Their CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System is designed to be up to five times more efficient than conventional electric and gas water heaters. Soltek Energy has been in

Soltek Energy is a proud partner of the Reclaim installer network, having completed all relevant product training, certifications and quality assurance programs.



Soltek Energy has been appointed as a SolarQuotes Platinum Installer. SolarQuotes prides itself in educating customers about all things solar and gets reviews from end customers about the service they received.

The Platinum accreditation underscores our position as a highly regarded solar provider, when compared to other local peers. Soltek is consistently recommended by SolarQuotes as a premium choice for homeowners seeking a seamless solar, battery and hot water installation experience.


Soltek Energy has been selected as an Australian Energy Systems Partner in the wider Sydney region. This proud selection involves extensive technical training to install their leading pool heating solutions.

AES is known for supplying quality heat pumps for efficient pool heating. They work closely with customer focused local businesses from the Gold Coast, to Brisbane, Sydney – all the way to Melbourne and beyond.

As an AES Partners we are supplying and installing AES products and provide after-sales service and support. The reason Soltek Energy recommends AES pool heating product is that they are known for their efficiency, quiet operation, and the ability to significantly reduce running costs compared to other inverter heat pumps on the market​​.


Soltek Energy has been selected as one of the trusted partners by Your Energy Answers. Your Energy Answers educates end customers about getting long lasting renewable energy solutions and making informed choices.

This collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to sustainable and long-lasting energy solutions, which deliver lasting financial benefits for our customers.

Our inclusion in Your Energy Answers’ carefully curated list of recommended installers reflects our dedication to delivering exceptional service and aligning with their values. We are proud to be recognised not only as a service provider but as one of Your Energy Partners, where they have chosen a dedicated number Australia wide.

Your Energy Answers Partners

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