Unlock the full potential of your swimming pool by investing in cutting-edge swimming pool heat pumps. Imagine enjoying the refreshing waters of your pool for more months throughout the year, transforming your pool into a year-round retreat. A heat pump emerges as the ideal and cost-effective solution for efficient pool heating.

At Soltek Energy, we prioritise your swimming experience by exclusively offering the finest heat pump pool heaters. Our commitment to quality ensures that you not only save energy but also benefit from enhanced heating power, especially during the colder months. This, in turn, extends your swimming season and lets you make the most of your investment in a luxurious pool.

Why choose smarter swimming pool heat pumps? The answer lies in the advanced technology, providing optimal performance while being environmentally friendly. By harnessing the power of heat pump technology, you can enjoy the perfect water temperature in your pool, contributing to a more sustainable and energy-efficient lifestyle.

Pool Heating

Save more than 50% compared to conventional pool heaters

Discover the excellence of AES pool heaters proudly offered by Soltek Energy. Developed for over a decade by a trusted Australian company, these heaters are tailored to thrive in our local conditions. Crafted with top-notch components, AES heaters prioritise quality, ensuring reliable performance for your pool.

What makes AES stand out? These pool heaters are energy-saving champions, potentially cutting power usage by over 50% compared to lower-quality alternatives. This not only benefits the environment but also saves you significant costs.

AES pool heaters are built tough to withstand Australian climates. Their sturdy design and high-quality materials ensure durability, making them a reliable choice for your pool.

Residential Smart Inverter Technology Variable-Speed Heating

Australian Energy Systems introduced the very first full-inverter pool heat pump with smart inverter technology and variable-speed heating. These amazing heaters are extremely quiet and inexpensive. The compressor and fan motor adjust to the pool environment until the desired temperature is reached, saving you money all year round.

AES full-Inverter heat pumps are 25% more efficient than standard inverter heat pumps, and 50% more efficient than on/off heat pumps!

You can also connect your smart controller to your home wi-fi network and control the heat pump using your phone or tablet.

Soltek Energy uses only the best heat pump pool heaters as they save more energy and have more power, especially in the colder months, extending your swimming season.


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