At Soltek Energy we understand that your investment in solar energy, battery storage, EV charging, hot water, and pool heating systems is significant.

That’s why our after-sales support is designed to provide you with peace of mind and ensure your systems operate efficiently over the long term. Our dedicated support team is available to assist with troubleshooting, maintenance, and warranty claims, ensuring your questions are answered promptly. We offer comprehensive resources, including user manuals, instructional videos, and remote monitoring services, to proactively manage your installations.

Plus, with scheduled maintenance visits and expert technical assistance, we’re here to support your sustainable energy journey every step of the way. Trust Soltek Energy for unparalleled after-sales service and enjoy the benefits of your eco-friendly investments without worry.

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At Soltek Energy we are dedicated to providing our customers in and around the Sydney region with ongoing system support that extends far beyond the completion of their solar, battery or hot water installation.

With over 15,000 local solar systems installed since 2009, we take pride in ensuring that each system receives the comprehensive maintenance and care it deserves, maximising its financial and environmental benefits for years to come.

We recognise that investing in quality renewable energy solutions, such as solar and battery systems, is a significant decision. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends throughout your entire energy transition journey, ensuring that you are informed and supported in your choice. Our reliable after-sales services is only one phone call away to create peace of mind to our valued customers.

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When choosing Soltek Energy as your solar retailer in the Sydney region, we offer several distinct advantages, particularly in terms of after-sales service. We offer a 12 year workmanship warranty, when many of our competitors only give you 5 or 7 years.

The solar workmanship warranty is a guarantee provided by the solar installer that covers the quality and integrity of the labour and installation work performed. This type of warranty ensures that the installation meets industry standards and is free from any defects in workmanship.

Our 12 years commitment of support is industry leading and demonstrates our commitment to quality components, all the way to safety switches, rails and fastening brackets.

The importance of quality products


When you contact Soltek Energy we seek to look at the energy footprint of your home overall. For us it is not about quickly installing a solar system and moving on.

You will get the best result out of a solar system if you analyse the full energy footprint of your home. How do you create the hot water? What about home heating and home insulation? There is for example no point investing in a more efficient home cooling system, when the insulation of your home is not up to scratch.

The same with solar, so we make sure we plan for the best utilisation of your solar system via other energy appliances in the home. For example solar combined with a Reclaim hot water heat pump will offer some of the cheapest ways you can generate hot water in your home.

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Keeping tabs on your solar energy setup is important for maximising your investment and ensuring your system’s working as planned. We will monitor your system with you – so this service is a key component of our post-sales services because, let’s face it, what good is a power station on your roof if you can’t see how well it’s performing?

Our comprehensive monitoring solution gives you real-time insights into your system’s performance, allowing us to quickly and efficiently address any issues that pop up.

By keeping an eye on your system, we can:

  • Help you cut down on energy costs;
  • See issues as soon as they occur;
  • Extend the product’s lifespan;
  • Fine-tune its performance.
Monitoring Solutions


The maintenance of solar systems is frequently overlooked, perhaps due to an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude. However, issues such as overgrown trees, accumulation of dirt, dust, and bird droppings can significantly diminish the efficiency of solar panels, consequently reducing energy production, and therefore your savings.

Regrettably, the awareness of any issue with the PV system often only arises when the customer receives a high electricity bill. This underscores the importance of monitoring solutions to guarantee optimal performance of your solar system.

At Soltek Energy our services encompass not only the installation of solar & batteries, but also solar system health assessments, repairs, upgrades, as well as installation and maintenance of hot water systems and electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

We frequently receive calls to inspect systems not installed by us, typically arising from the failure of cheap products. At Soltek we will be looking after you even if your customer journey did not start with us. We are here to cater to your needs, even if we were not the original installers of your solar & battery storage system.

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Should I notify my insurance company that I have solar?

Is it necessary to inform your insurance provider about a solar power system installation? Many industry professionals say you should definitely tell your insurer about your solar panels. Notifying your insurance company ensures that this valuable component of your home is acknowledged and will be covered by home insurance, especially in the event of theft, damage, or severe weather incidents.

Your policy

It’s important to carefully read and understand your homeowner’s insurance policy. Some policies may explicitly outline conditions specifically relating to home upgrades, including when to cover solar panels. Gaining an understanding of these conditions and your product and performance warranty will help you to determine whether informing your insurance provider is necessary. If going over a lengthy policy document is overwhelming, consider reaching out to your insurer’s helpline for swift and accurate guidance.

Insurance premiums

While installing solar panels on your home doesn’t typically lead to significant changes in insurance premiums, it’s still a point to consider. The system’s value, particularly if it includes a substantial setup like a large array of panels and batteries, could potentially affect the insured amount. However, the solar savings on your energy bills usually outweigh any minor increase in premiums.

Property value

A solar system not only enhances your property’s worth and contributes to your own energy efficiency, but it also represents a considerable investment. Informing your insurance company about your solar installation is wise to ensure that your panels are covered by home insurance and that your coverage aligns with the increased value of your property.


Reporting specific types of home upgrades, including solar and battery installations, may be required to meet your building insurance policy requirements. Neglect in fulfilling these requirements might lead to issues if you need to file a claim.

Solar insurance

Some insurers offer building insurance that provides coverage specifically tailored for solar panel systems, offering protection against the likes of fire, theft, or severe weather incidents. Failing to inform your insurer might mean missing out on these specific coverage options.


Like any part of your home, solar panels and inverters are vulnerable to damage from unexpected events; informing your insurer about your solar installation by contacting your insurance safeguards your investment. Doing so also ensures that your coverage mirrors the true value of your property and your investment, including all solar components. When evaluating the cost of your solar system for insurance purposes, use the total retail value before any rebates or incentives are deducted. Your invoice should provide this information, including the product warranty, which may extend up to 25 years.

So, a simple phone call to check with your insurer could provide you with substantial protection and ensure your coverage is adequate.

For more reasons why you should call your insurer, especially when planning to cover solar panels or work with solar installers, visit

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