Soltek Energy is proud to adhere to a strict and selective process when choosing our business partners and the brands/products that we offer. Our products and brands are Internationally recognised and trusted.

The are supported by Australian warranties and guarantees and have local representation with offices located in Australia. This means should there be any issue we will back you and we are backed by a quality manufacturer.

Unfortunately in Australia, too often cheap renewable energy related product get sold with long warranties and then when there is an issue the customer and their solar retailer get the runaround. For this reason we stick with quality gear, built and designed to survive in Australia for decades.

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Solar Warranty Secrets

When it comes to solar warranties, it’s essential to read the fine print. Many boast 25-year guarantees, but here’s the catch – most aren’t transferable. So, if you sell your home, the warranty becomes void for the new owner.

Even if you consider moving your panels to your new house, the cost can outweigh installing a new system entirely. Plus, let’s face it, Australians tend to move every 10 to 15 years on average. So, while a 25-year warranty sounds impressive, it may not align with your reality.

At Soltek Energy, we prioritise transparency and practicality. Our goal is to provide solar solutions that make sense for your current situation and future plans. Don’t get caught up in empty promises – trust us for reliable solar solutions tailored to your needs.



At Soltek Energy, we pride ourselves on using only premium brands for our solar panels, inverters, home batteries, heat pumps and pool heaters ensuring our customers receive the highest quality in their suite of products.

In Australia, product warranties are designed to offer peace of mind, covering defects in materials, workmanship, and guaranteeing performance standards. Solar panels come with a performance warranty of up to 25 years and a product warranty usually for a similar period. Home storage batteries typically offer a 10-year product warranty, including a minimum energy capacity and energy cycle guarantee.

Should any product not meet performance standards, show faults, or fail to uphold durability criteria, customers should follow the warranty claim procedures as outlined by the manufacturer. Soltek Energy will assist our customer on this journey to have their service working again as soon as possible.


Soltek Energy offers an exceptional 12-year workmanship warranty to all customers for whom we have installed PV systems, home batteries, heat pumps, pool heaters, replaced inverters, or completed repairs on existing systems.

This comprehensive warranty underscores our commitment to quality installation and customer satisfaction, covering not only the operation and performance of the entire system but also the craftsmanship and products used. It’s important to note that this is in addition to any manufacturer or retailer warranties, which also cover the operation and performance of the whole PV system, including workmanship and products. With Soltek Energy, you’re investing in peace of mind, knowing that your renewable energy solutions are backed by a robust support system designed to ensure optimal performance and durability.

**Please note that a manufacturer/company’s retailer’s warranty covers the ‘operation’ and ‘performance’ of the ‘whole PV system’, including ‘workmanship’ and ‘products.’


Transferring the warranty to a new home owner

The product warranty is usually transferable by the original purchaser of the solar system, home battery, heat pump, heat pump pool heater to any subsequent purchaser of the premises at which the product is installed. For this reason make sure you keep your paper work in a safe place, so that the new owner has all the correct information at their fingertips.


Timeframe for repairs & replacements

Soltek Energy agree to implement repairs and or replacements within a reasonable and agreed timeframe following on from a review and case being lodged and approved by Soltek Energy on behalf of the customer.


When does the warranty start?

This warranty only comes into effect once we have received all amounts owing from you in relation to the solar system, home battery, heat pump, heat pump pool heater and ownership has passed fully to you.


What can void the warranty?

This warranty will no longer be valid if anyone other than a Soltek Energy installer or, Soltek Energy authorised person works on (including repairing or altering) the installed product; or you fail to comply with all reasonable instructions of Soltek Energy (Whether written or verbal) in relation to the operation and care of the installed product.


While our workmanship and product warranties cover the installation in many aspects, there are sometimes elements or circumstances that preclude a warranty claim. They include your existing electrical installation such as the wiring or fuse box; any malicious damage or abuse of the product; damage caused by vermin, animals or pests; damage caused by events out of ‘human control’ including improper voltage or power surges; accidents or other acts/events beyond our reasonable control; any damage to your property caused by the installed product failing or breaking; any alterations to your property which are a necessary consequence of the provision of the installed product; any damage of any kind that was not reasonably foreseeable or that could not have been expected.


Soltek Energy installation services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. In the case of a problem with any installation services which is not defined as a ‘major failure’ under the Australian Consumer Law and which is capable of being remedies, you must provide Soltek Energy with an opportunity to remedy the problem free of charge within a reasonable timeframe. In the case of a problem with any product installation which is defined as a ‘major failure’ under the Australian Consumer Law or which is not capable of being remedied you are entitled to: 1) Cancel your agreement with us and receive a refund or; 2) Get compensation for the difference in value of the product installation delivered and what was paid for by you.

Soltek Energy will not be liable to you for any personal injury or any loss or damage of any kind that was not reasonably foreseeable or that could not have been expected to result from the circumstances set out above.



Can I install solar on a flat roof?

Yes, solar panels can be installed on flat roofs using specialized racking systems designed for this purpose. Here’s what you need to know:

Installation Process:

Solar panels on flat roofs can be installed in two main ways: parallel to the roof surface or tilted to face the sun more directly.

  • Standard Installation on Angled Roofs: On pitched roofs, brackets are fixed to the roof, and parallel rails are connected to these brackets. The solar panels are then placed and clamped onto the rails.
  • Recommended Installation on Flat Roofs: For flat roofs, panels are typically installed parallel to the roof surface. However, this may result in a slightly lower energy output compared to tilted installations due to less direct sunlight exposure, especially during winter.

Advantages and Considerations:

  • Energy Output: Flat installations may generate about 13% less energy per year compared to tilted installations. However, they can accommodate larger systems, leading to overall greater electricity generation.
  • Maintenance: Flat panels may require more frequent cleaning to remove dust and debris, which can settle more easily compared to tilted panels.
  • Structural Considerations: Panels on flat roofs may sag in the middle, potentially leading to water pooling and other issues. It’s essential to ensure the roof’s structural integrity and consider manufacturer recommendations regarding panel tilt angles.

Tilted Racking Systems:

Alternatively, panels can be tilted using specialized racking systems, maximizing solar exposure and energy production. These systems involve mounting panels onto tilted racks or frames, allowing for adjustment based on geographical factors and desired energy output.

Consultation with Professionals:

Before proceeding with a solar installation on a flat roof, it’s advisable to consult with a professional solar installer. At Soltek we can assess your specific roof, we know the local regulations and we allow for the opportunity to discuss energy needs and demands to recommend the most suitable installation method. Additionally, we can ensure the system is designed for optimal performance and longevity while considering aesthetic and structural factors.

Solar panels can indeed be installed on flat roofs, offering an efficient and sustainable energy solution for residential and commercial properties alike.