Common Hot Water Issues During a Sydney Winter

Having your hot water system give out during a cold Sydney winter is not ideal. If you find your shower doesn’t deliver steaming hot water and you’re left doing an Irish jig to cold water, then it’s probably time to inspect your system.

Most Sydney residents have a gas or electric hot water system, or a hot water heat pump.

A hot water heat pump is the most efficient and effective way to have reliable hot water – especially if you have PV on your roof. To ensure consistent warm water even in the cooler months, the heat pump does not rely on direct sunlight and can continue to heat despite a few days of bad weather.

Hot Water Issues Sydneysiders Face in Winter

Water leaks

Any water that is dripping inside or around your house is something no one wants. You don’t want water damage or mold if you ignore this leak. If your hot water tank is leaking you can turn off the water valve to stop wastage and water damage before your plumber arrives. You may likely need a hot water system replacement.

Broken or worn out elements

Just like any appliance, hot water systems are also bound to have issues over their lifespan. During the winter hot water usage tends to rise and the hot water system works double time to warm up the water. This could be a reason for certain parts or elements to wear out or break. It is important that hot water systems are well maintained. Commonly, the anode in a heat pump hot water system needs to be replaced every three years and should be monitored and checked.  With increasing advancements in technology, broken and worn out element issues tend to be limited. 

Frozen pipes

Hot water pipes that are exposed to icy or extreme cold temperatures can freeze or crack. Correctly insulating your pipes (especially the first 90cm that enters and exits your hot water heater) is the best way to avoid it from dissolving. Foam and fibreglass insulation are popular insulation materials, which depends if you have a gas or an electric water heater.

Faulty parts

Faulty parts are different from the wear and broken elements we mentioned above. Here, we are talking about the components in the system that do different jobs to keep it all working. If any part is faulty and fails, the whole system is less efficient and effective. For gas hot water systems, you can check the pilot light, the control valve and the thermocouple. For electric hot water systems, you can check the thermostat and heating elements. And if you notice anything out of the ordinary, we recommend having a plumber inspect it.

Sediment build up

Sydney’s water supply is considered to be ‘soft’, which means that we don’t have as many harsh minerals that can affect our home (compared to other states). We look out for rust or dissolved water minerals that can enter water heaters. The debris will sit at the bottom of the tank while the water sits inactive while being heated, disrupting the water pressure. Debris can cause your heater to become inefficient and produce water that is lukewarm.

Hot Water Heating Brands We Recommend for Sydney Residents

It pays to have a quality hot water system. Below is the range of efficient and sustainable hot water systems that we recommend to our customers – and use ourselves.


AquaHeat delivers the most energy-efficient and sustainable hot water solutions tailored to Australian conditions, for Australian families and businesses.

The AquaHeat All-In-One Heat Pump helps you to reduce energy costs up to 3 times compared to conventional electric and gas water heaters. AquaHeat All-In-One Heat Pump has real-time power usage monitoring capability, which means households can now take control of their power bills. Its dual heating technology with incorporated electric elements allows the provision of hot water up to 70°c.


Custom designed for Australian conditions and environment. With built-in frost control, the Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System consists of a heat pump (compressor) and a storage tank (stainless steel or glass-lined).

Reclaim Energy is committed to energy efficiency. Their CO2 heat pumps were developed in accordance with this focus on sustainable home solutions. Reclaim’s environmentally sustainable hot water solution helps people save money on energy bills and live off of clean energy solutions.

If you’re considering which hot water system is right for your needs, talk to the Soltek team today.