We strive to achieve excellence

in total solar solutions in Sydney and we focus on delivering the highest quality of professionalism to our customers.

Our Team

We’ve been in the solar industry since 2009.

Soltek Energy has built a strong management team consisting of Clean Energy Council accredited designers /installers. Soltek Energy is an Australian owned business consisting of specialist renewable electrical engineers who are part of a small group of experts offering solar power solutions in Sydney and across Australia; we are trained and experienced in solar, wind and hydro engineering.

Green solar energy solutions

All of our green solar solutions in Sydney are customised to your
individual needs and we take into consideration the size of your
property and whether it is a family home or commercial business.

In Sydney, solar hot water systems are a very popular and easy strategy
to reduce your power bills and support the environment at the same time. Solar panels are another practical option and as the leading solar power installers in Sydney, we only use the highest quality and the safest
products from reliable solar manufacturers in all of our installations.

halping fam img

Of families

In Sydney, solar power is helping
thousands of families to reduce their energy bills and to have a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

Saving the environment is vital to our children’s future and at Soltek Energy we are dedicated to providing you with the best solar solutions and the best
advice in Australia.