Solar panel

We specialise in solar energy systems in
Sydney and rural areas. We provide locally
designed sun tracking systems and can install
single units or large-scale farm systems in
Sydney and the surrounding areas.

At the last count, the installation of energy
efficient solar panels has been completed on
more than 1.5 million rooftops in Australia.

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5 benefits of solar power
For homes in sydney

Soltek Energy’s team is highly experienced in providing solar power for homes in Sydney and
with our accredited installers, we can help you understand how solar electricity
will save you money!

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Reduce your power bills:

When you create your own electrical
power, you no longer have to pay a
power bill, which cuts your outgoings
down dramatically. Yes, you have to pay
for the installation of the domestic solar
power system, but once you have paid
for it – your electricity is free forever.

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Help support the environment:

Renewal energy sources are the way
of the future and the less carbon we
introduce into the atmosphere and the
less pollution we cause – the more we
sustain our delicate environment.

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Protection against power bill increases:

Without a doubt, the cost of electricity is
going to keep increasing. Solar power
however, protects you against these
increases, so you have more money for
your family.

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Reduce your power bills:

Not having to worry about how much
power you use, because you can’t afford
to pay the bills, is a huge weight off your
shoulders, improving your lifestyle

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Increase the value of your home:

The addition of solar power to your home
will add serious value when you want to
sell or borrow money from the bank.

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Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump

Solar PV Water Heating

Would you like to save 80% off the power typically used to make hot water?

When you think of solar hot water, you think of a solar hot water service installed on your roof. However, if you already have solar PV installed on your roof, then the obvious pairing for energy efficient hot water is with a heat pump that saves 80% of hot water energy compared to an electric or gas water heater. Running a heat pump during the day enables you to access low cost solar power, leaving plenty of low cost solar power for the rest of the home. For example, your air conditioning and appliances will have access to more low cost solar power. So there’s never been a better time to replace your old energy-hungry water heater with an energy efficient heat pump. Better still, the heat pump doesn’t take up any space on your roof, allowing more solar power generation.

The heat pump water heater works by harnessing the sun’s ambient heat energy with an energy efficient heat transfer (heat pump) process. An energy efficient hot water system such as a heat pump is a great way for households to make substantial reductions in their energy consumption and cost of living. Ask our team today about how a heat pump water heater can benefit your home.

We have a range of energy efficient hot water systems that pair perfectly with your solar PV system.

Heat Pump Pool Heating

Would you like to get more use out of your swimming pool? With a swimming pool heat pump you can use your pool year-round.

Swimming pool heat pumps combine electricity with extractions of ambient air to create the energy needed to heat pools. Outside air is drawn through an evaporator coil, containing liquid refrigerant, which absorbs the heat from the ambient air to become gas. The heat is then pumped back into the water until the desired temperature is reached during a refrigeration cycle. As the pool reaches the desired temperature, the heat pump ramps down and minimises its electricity consumption, saving you money.

Pool heaters are often paired with solar solutions as they both run on renewable energy. Solar panels harness free energy from the sun, and pool heaters are powered by heat drawn from the air outside. Together, these solutions ensure comfort for your home and pool.

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Solar PV Electric Panels

This is the most common form of solar system
installed in Australia.

The inverter converts the electricity generated
by the solar system – which is direct current
(DC) – into AC electricity so that the power
generated is compatible with the grid.

Most houses with grid-connect solar systems
use solar power first before sourcing electricity
from the grid. When the panels are not
producing electricity at night, electricity is
supplied from the electricity grid.

What You Get With Your Soltek Installed System

design icon
  • We design the system to your needs
  • We design a System to your budgets
  • We use all the leading
    manufactures available to
    provide you the best quality
    system at right price
  • We provide a fully designed
    and in stalled system.
  • We are committed to the
    Highest standards with low
    cost and a superior customer
installation icon
  • Experienced Accredited
    Solar installers and qualified
  • Al stainless steel and
    anodized aluminum
  • Highest quality isolators,
    cables and connectors
  • Al relevant insurance policies
  • 12 year warranty on installation
  • We are committed to the
    Highest standards with low
    cost and a superior customer
documentation icon
Complete Installation
and Documentation
  • We will complete the
    connection and approval
    process for your electricity
    retailer and electricity
  • We complete the installation
    including the installation of
    your electricity meter.
  • We finish the solar PV system
    so it’s ready to produce
    electricity. It’s that simple.
  • We are committed to the
    Highest standards with low
    cost and a superior customer

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Grid connected pv
Systems with batteries

Grid-connect PV systems with battery back-up
(sometimes referred to as uninterrupted power
supply or hybrid solar PV systems) are
becoming increasingly popular. With solar
customers in many states now receiving a low
price for electricity sold back to the grid,
battery back-up systems can be a viable
alternative as they use the electricity stored
during the day to run your house at night.
They also have the advantage of being able
to supply power during power outages.

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Hybrid systems

A hybrid renewable energy system utilises two or more energy production methods, usually solar and wind power.

The major advantage of solar / wind hybrid system is that when solar and wind power production are used together, the reliability of the system is enhanced.

Additionally, the size of battery storage can be reduced slightly as there is less reliance on one method of power production. Often, when there is no sun, there is plenty of wind.

In comparison to solar modules, wind turbines can offer a more favorable dollar per watt ratio. Soltek Energy hybrid systems utilise the industry’s leading high quality components to ensure reliable performance and long life.

Our packaged systems are ideally suited to remote homes, schools and other off-grid applications. They can also be retrofitted to existing diesel-generator systems to save on high fuel costs and minimise noise.

We have standard hybrid systems available to meet your power needs. We can also tailor a system to suit should you have a smaller or larger power requirement.

Benefits on using a hybrid
Solar system in sydney

Hybrid solar energy system you can store the energy you produce during the day, instead of
feeding it back into the grid. Then, during the evening you can use your stored solar power
instead of drawing from the main grid.

The beauty of this hybrid solar system is in having storage batteries for solar power in Sydney,
which gives you the flexibility of living on or off the main power grid.

power cut icon
No more power cuts

When the power goes out in your street,
you simply switch over to your solar
battery storage in Sydney. This brings a
whole new meaning to battery power in

grid elec icon
No more using grid electricity

With a normal solar energy system, you
feed all of your solar energy into the
grid and then draw on the main power
grid for your own power usage.

Costs of hybrid solar systems

All of our hybrid solar systems in Sydney are customised for individual household needs,
so it is difficult to give you an exact costing. It is fair to say, that hybrid systems will cost more
than a normal solar power system that feeds into the grid, but the added security of knowing
you have 24/7 power and you no longer rely on the main power grid – is priceless.

You can also convert your existing solar energy system over to a hybrid system as well.

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Power systems

Stand-alone systems are not connected to the
electricity grid and typically are installed in
remote areas where there is limited connection
to the grid, or areas of low electricity demand.

Unlike their grid-connected counterparts, these
systems must have batteries or back- up
generation to provide supply at night. In many
cases they will also include a diesel or petrol
generator to supplement energy supply.

The usual way that most property owners use
their renewable energy systems in Sydney
(solar power) is to convert the DC electricity
from solar energy into 240V AC current (using
an inverter) and then feed it back into the grid.

All of this works automatically and makes no
difference to how you use your electricity in
your home or commercial building. With this
grid connected system, when you turn on a
light in your property – you are actually using
electricity drawn from the main power grid and
supporting renewable energy in Australia.

The power you feed into the system is
aggregated with everyone else’s solar power
feeds and is used to reduce the amount of
electricity we need to produce from coal
powered stations.

standalone system bg
standalone system img

Benefits of a
Solar system

With a stand-alone system you have all the
benefits of FREE POWER as you do with the
grid connected system, but you do not access
power from the grid. You have heard of people
living ‘off the grid’? This is one of the ways that
this lifestyle can be achieved.

With a stand-alone solar power system in
Sydney, you create your own energy and
store it in batteries on your property. You
then draw on this stored energy to power your
property. Many people like the idea of being
so independent, but it is only recently that
technology has advanced far enough for these
stand-alonesystems to become economically

Differences between a grid connected and
A stand-alone power system

Some people chose not to feed their converted solar power back into the main electricity grid,
but to do this – they need a standalone solar system in Sydney.

A stand-alone solar system in Sydney supplies electric power to your home or commercial
property, but is not connected to the grid (Electric supply authority). Standalone power can be
supplied by a number of different sources, such as a photovoltaic array (solar panels), a
wind turbine generator, micro-hydro generator or an engine generator.

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