The Importance of Active Management of your Solar System Performance

Are you experiencing issues with your solar system? There are a myriad of possibilities why performance may be queried from shading, to cloud cover, to optimizers, panels, inverters or simply, a combination of factors. Finding out the cause of an under-performing solar system can be quite tricky which is why you should always get a CEC Accredited Installer to check your solar system equipment.

Maintenance of your Solar System

While it is important that you ensure panels are clean and there is nothing that is blocking them from direct sunlight, it is important to highlight that solar panels actually require little maintenance since there are no moving parts. This being the case, it is best-practice to organise maintenance inspections every few years to make sure that all parts of your solar electric power system are operating correctly.

For optimum performance we recommend keeping your panels clean and negotiate with your installer a regular inspection and cleaning regime, say every 12, 18 or 24 months. Before cleaning the panels yourself, you should confer with your installer about the warranty. Ask the installer about maintenance requirements for your solar system.

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Active Management of your Solar System

We are fully licensed professionals who will help you get the most out of your solar power equipment. We’ll check the installation thoroughly, find and correct any issues, and find where the issue started in order to stop them from causing failures in the future.


The Issue Alerts Dashboard  – Soltek Energy initiates a daily check to monitor the performance of SolarEdge systems and proactively manage any issues that are raised. We contact clients in the event of an issue to let them know that we are aware and are managing either remotely or engaging with the inverter manufacturer to resolve the issue.

While investing in quality products is paramount in ensuring that you have installed a safe long term investment, Soltek Energy will also work with you to ensure the system behaves and works as it should by remotely monitoring the system for any issues or concerns.

Monitoring Platform

The mySolarEdge app is filled with the same energy management features as our monitoring app, plus new self-service capabilities to help system owners quickly and also independently resolve routine issues. Using mySolarEdge, you are able to view your inverter and communication status for fast and easy troubleshooting, as well as monitor your system’s health.

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