LG Electronics Enters Battery Storage Market

Renewables Now reported last week that LG Electronics will be entering the battery storage market in 2019. This is great news for anyone looking for a trustworthy battery storage option in Australia.

As solar rooftops become more popular, so do battery storage systems. The benefits of selling excess energy to the grid and managing your own energy system at home attracts all home owners.

The new LG system and inverter pack was presented at the All-Energy Expo in Melbourne earlier this month.

Here are the details we know so far about LG’s home battery system:

  • The new LG home battery system will be released in 2019
  • The system will come in a pack with the LG 3 phase hybrid inverter
  • LG will also be offering expandable battery packs, allowing the system to store up to 12.8 kWh
  • The battery system will come with a 10 year warranty


The addition of the ESS to our energy portfolio will
enable us to support Australian homeowners with
a 3 phase electric power and their demand for
greater control over their residential energy

– Markus Lambert, General Manager
Solar & Energy LG Electronics Australia


Renewables Now also report that LG’s NeON R and NeON 2 solar panel efficiency will be boosted by 5 W next year. LG Electronics will also begin selling more models for homes with limited roof space, opening up the market to more homeowners and families.

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