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JinkoSolar Tiger N-Type 66TR 415W

Jinko Tiger 415W N-Type is one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world. JinkoSolar distributes it solar products and sells its solutions and services to a diversified international utility, commercial, and residential customer base in China, the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Chile, South Africa, India, Mexico, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, and other countries and regions. JinkoSolar has built a vertically integrated solar product value chain, with an integrated annual capacity of 10.5 GW for silicon wafers, 7.4 GW for solar cells, and 12.6 GW for solar modules, as of June 30, 2019.

  • Multi Busbar Technology
    9 busbar solar cell adopts new technology to improve the efficiency of modules , offers a better aesthetic appearance, making it perfect for rooftop installation.
  • 9BB instead of 5BB
    Higher module conversion efficiency (up to 21.74%) benefit from half cell structure(low resistance characteristic).
  • Hot 2.0 Technology
    The P-type module with Hot 2.0 technology has better
    reliability and lower LID/LETID.
  • PID Resistance
    Excellent Anti-PID performance guarantee limited power degradation for
    mass production.
  • Enhanced Mechanical Load
    Certified to withstand: wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow
    load (5400 Pascal)
  • More energy generation
    Circular Ribbon in 9BB will achieve the reutilization of light absorption
    and increased energy generation.

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