Soltek Case Study on SAM


SAM Technology Engineering Pty Ltd

Commercial 98 kW LG System, Smithfield NSW
February 2020

Project Specifications
System Size: 98 kW
Panel Type: 238 LG NeOn2 415 kW
Inverter: SolarEdge SE82.8 kW
Mounting System: Clenergy Tilt Frames
Monitoring and Control System: SolarEdge


This solution is perfect for any business with a shading challenge, looking to reduce their power bill costs, protect against increasing power costs in the future and becoming more energy sustainable in power consumption.

Residential 8kW LG System, Kellyville NSW 2155
8 kW system with an LG Chem Resu Battery
Project Specifications

System Size: 8.28kW
Panel Type: LG360Q1C-A5
Inverter Type: SolarEdge SE6000 Backup
Mounting Equipment: Clenergy
Monitoring: Ethernet connection

Hoxton Park Anglican Church
Commercial 30kW LG System, 1 Latrobe Rd, West Hoxton NSW 2171
30kW solar system installed on Hoxton Park Anglican Church
Project Specifications

System Size: 30.15kW
Panel Type: LG335N1C-A5
Inverter Type: SolarEdge SE27K
Mounting Equipment: Clenergy
Monitoring: Wi-fi Connection