Would you like to get more use out of your swimming pool? With a swimming pool heat pump you can use your pool for more months of the year. Whether you want to use your pool for exercise or feel like you’re at a resort, a heat pump is the perfect cost-effective pool heating solution. 

Save more than 50% compared to conventional pool heaters

Soltek are proud to sell AES pool heaters as they have been developed over 10 years for Australian conditions by an Australian company. Made using the highest quality components and material the AES can save more than 50 % of the power used by lower quality heat pump pool heaters.

Residential Smart Inverter Technology Variable-Speed Heating

Australian Energy Systems introduced the very first Full-Inverter pool heat pump with smart inverter technology and variable-speed heating. These amazing heaters are extremely quiet and inexpensive. The compressor and fan motor adjust to the pool environment until the desired temperature is reached, saving you money all year round.

AES full-Inverter heat pumps are 25% more efficient than standard inverter heat pumps, and 50% more efficient than on/off heat pumps!

You can also connect your smart controller with your home wi-fi network and control the heat pump using your phone or tablet.

Ai Full Inverter Heat Pump

Ai Inverter Heat Pumps use smarter swimming pool heat pumps to help you get the most out of your pool.

Heat your pool year-round with the Ai Full Inverter heat pool’s smarter pool technology. Ai heat pumps are suitable for pools of all sizes, as well as spas, and are capable of heating your pool throughout all seasons, or whenever you’re ready to use your pool.

Ai’s swimming pool heat pumps feature a smart controller and a variable compressor, keeping your pool at the desired temperature and preventing the system from using more energy than required, saving on your household bills compared to standard inverters.

  • Operates year-round: heating and automatic mode to suit all, season, weather conditions, and requirements based on temperature
  • Smart controls for temperature management
  • Energy-efficient: Uses 50-80% less power than standard heat pumps
  • High COP: Greater Energy Efficiency
  • Lower operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduced noise levels: Quieter than an “8-star” pool pump
  • WiA capabilities
  • Glue Fin coating – anti-corrosion technology
  • Spiral titanium heat exchanger ensures maximum heat transfer and provides up to 50% more efficiency


* Note: Model Ai08 is not available in NSW


ai full inverter heat pump

Combine Solar with your Heat Pump Pool Heating

You can reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment by combining your pool heater with your home’s solar system. By integrating your pool heater with your roof-top solar system, you can heat your pool with the power of sunlight.

Pool heaters are often paired with solar solutions as they both run on renewable energy. Solar panels harness free energy from the sun, and pool heaters are powered by heat drawn from the air outside. Together, these solutions ensure comfort for your home and pool.

Once your pool heating system is integrated with your solar set up, you have access to a solar control device, which can be programmed to only operate the pool’s heat pump if your solar system has produced surplus energy.

Speak to Soltek Energy if you are interested in combining your pool heating with a solar system, as these are most easily installed together.

Ai Full Inverter Heat Pump

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