As winter approaches and temperatures drop, many Australians are concerned that cold weather will see their energy bills rise. When the time comes, you want to be sure that you and your family have the best possible system to satisfy your hot water needs – not to mention saving you money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions along the way!

A growing number of Australians are considering heat pump hot water systems over gas or electricity. Much like solar water heating, the heat pump hot water system is a new and efficient development in the hot water sector. So efficient in fact that you will reduce your energy costs up to 3 times compared to that of conventional electric and gas water heaters.

What are the benefits of using AquaHeat All-In-One Heat Pump?


  • Reduce energy costs up to 3 times compared to conventional electric and gas water heaters.
  • Registered Clean Energy product with annual carbon reduction rating of 3 tonnes.
  • Real time power usage monitoring capability means households can now take control of their power bills.
  • Integrate and maximise your PV with in-built timer controlled heat up cycles.
  • Dual heating technology with incorporated electric element to provide hot water up to 70°c
  • Smart touch screen controller makes optimising the system easier than ever.
  • R290 natural refrigerant with zero global warming potential compared to synthetic.
  • Eligible for solar and heat pump water heater rebates schemes such as STC & NSW ESS.
  • (STCs subject to change and approximate STCs are STC= 25 (Z1) , 25 (Z2), 30 (Z3), 31 (Z4), 31 (Z5)


AquaHeat All-In-One Heat Pump comes with a free app!


The HotWaterHub App is the first heat pump in the market with an Australian Owned Mobile App and allows you to access:

  • Operational data monitoring including tank temperature and heat pump
  • Total power usage
  • Data on the physical controller as well as the mobile app
  • Easy fault finding and troubleshooting using historical data
  • Operational mode, setting the unit on a timer, and
  • Temperature monitoring ALL by using the mobile app remotely.


How many years does a good quality heat pump last?


A good quality heat pump can last for years, and even more than a decade. But it’s important to make sure that it’s being treated correctly and maintained well. The closer you follow the care and maintenance instructions for the heat pump, and the more careful you are with how it’s used, the more likely it will be that the heat pump will last for a long time.

As always, it is essential you check the warranty information of any brand or product you choose to work with.

The AquaHeat All-In-One Heat Pump has an extensive 6 Years Warranty that gives you peace-of-mind knowing that all system parts, tank in full and labour charges are covered.


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If you’re thinking about using the new All-In-One Heat Pump by AquaHeat in your home, you’re definitely not alone. More homeowners are looking at better ways that a heat pump can save them big money on their power bills and provide them with quality, value, and plenty of hot water.

If you’re considering whether a heat pump is right for your needs, talk to the Soltek team today.

How Heat Pump Water Heating Can Save Money

Would you like to save 80% off the power typically used to make hot water?

When you think of solar hot water, you think of a solar hot water service installed on your roof. However, if you already have solar PV installed on your roof, then the obvious pairing for energy-efficient hot water is with a heat pump that saves 80% of hot water energy compared to an electric or gas water heater.

Running a heat pump during the day enables you to access low cost solar power, leaving plenty of low cost solar power for the rest of the home. For example, your air conditioning and appliances will have access to more low-cost solar power. So there’s never been a better time to replace your old energy-hungry water heater with an energy-efficient heat pump. Better still, the heat pump doesn’t take up any space on your roof, allowing more solar power generation.

The heat pump water heater works by harnessing the sun’s ambient heat energy with an energy-efficient heat transfer (heat pump) process. An energy-efficient hot water system such as a heat pump is a great way for households to make substantial reductions in their energy consumption and cost of living. Ask our team today about how a heat pump water heater can benefit your home.

We have a range of energy-efficient hot water systems that pair perfectly with your solar PV system.

Household Energy Production and Consumption

A 315 litre electric hot water tank was replaced by a Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump.

Solar Analytics was already in place so that real data was available for usage before and after the Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump installation.

Before the installation of the Reclaim Heat Pump water heater.

How Heat Pump Water Heating Can Save Money

After the installation of the Reclaim Heat Pump water heater.

How Heat Pump Water Heating Can Save Money

Daily power consumption was reduced by over 80%:

  • Before Heat Pump installation: 14-20kWh/day
  • After Heat Pump installation: 2-4kWh/day

The future of Hot Water is here. Talk to the team about how heat pump water heating can save you money.