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LG NeON® H+ – Ideally suited for Australia and New Zealand climates. The LG NeON® H+ is a powerful and one of the most versatile modules on the market today. The LG NeON® H+ is equipped with N-type cells and half-cut gap-free technology to increase power and efficiency compared to previous models. The LG NeON® H+ includes a 25-year product and performance warranty for high performance and reliability.

  • Excellent Low Light Performance – LG NeON® H+ has great performance under low light conditions with LG technology and our own Korean cell manufacturing, with
    low tolerances ensuring highly consistent performing panels.
  • Improved High-Temperature Performance – Solar panels slowly lose their ability to generate power as they get hotter. LG NeON® H+ has an improved temperature co-efficient to standard modules, which means in hot weather LG LG NeON® H+ panels will deliver higher output.
  • Enhanced Performance Warranty – LG NeON® H+ comes with an enhanced performance warranty. At 25 years of use, the LG NeON® H+ is guaranteed to provide at least 90.6% of initial performance.
  • Increased Output with HTAR Glass – and Anti-reflective Coatings LG uses HTAR glass (Highly Transmitted Anti Reflection) which has low reflectivity and high transmittance to increase power generation compared to AR glass used in previous models.
  • Proven Field Performance – LG has been involved in a number of comparison tests of the LG panels against many other brands of panels. LG NeON® models are consistently among the best performing in these tests.
  • Low LID – The N-type doping of the NeON® cells results in extremely low Light Induced Degradation (LID) when compared with the standard P-type cells. This means more electricity generation over the life of the panel, as the panel degrades less.

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