The body responsible for regulating the solar industry is the Clean Energy Council (CEC). The industry has had poor sales and installation practices in the past. Therefore, the CEC created a certification program to help recognise companies that practice ethical sales and high-quality installations.

Soltek Energy is an approved solar retailer as appointed by the Clean Energy Council. This appointment says we are committed to fair sales practices, ethical marketing, and best-in-class installation practices.

The CEC says: “The program strives to raise standards higher than the government’s or regulations’ minimum criteria, resulting in a higher standard in service in the solar and storage industries.”

All solar retailers who have been approved by the program have committed to following a Code of Conduct.

All in all, customers who buy from an Approved Solar Retailer have the assurance that their solar and battery systems are being purchased from a company that meets or exceeds all applicable consumer protection regulations.