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Stand Alone

Standalone Power Systems, Sydney

Stand-alone systems are not connected to the electricity grid and typically are installed in remote areas where there is limited connection to the grid, or areas of low electricity demand.

Unlike their grid-connected counterparts, these systems must have batteries or back- up generation to provide supply at night. In many cases they will also include a diesel or petrol generator to supplement energy supply.

The usual way that most property owners use their renewable energy systems in Sydney (solar power) is to convert the DC electricity from solar energy into 240V AC current (using an inverter) and then feed it back into the grid.

All of this works automatically and makes no difference to how you use your electricity in your home or commercial building. With this grid connected system, when you turn on a light in your property – you are actually using electricity drawn from the main power grid and supporting renewable energy in Australia.

The power you feed into the system is aggregated with everyone else’s solar power feeds and is used to reduce the amount of electricity we need to produce from coal powered stations.

Differences between a grid connected and a stand-alone power system in Sydney

Some people chose not to feed their converted solar power back into the main electricity grid, but to do this – they need a standalone solar system in Sydney.

A stand-alone solar system in Sydney supplies electric power to your home or commercial property, but is not connected to the grid (Electric supply authority). Standalone power can be supplied by a number of different sources, such as a photovoltaic array (solar panels), a wind turbine generator, micro-hydro generator or an engine generator.

Benefits of a stand-alone solar system in Sydney

With a stand-alone system you have all the benefits of free power, as you do with the grid connected system, but you do not access power from the grid. You have heard of people living ‘off the grid’? This is one of the ways that this lifestyle can be achieved.

With a stand-alone solar power system in Sydney, you create your own energy and store it in batteries on your property. You then draw on this stored energy to power your property. Many people like the idea of being so independent, but it is only recently that technology has advanced far enough for these stand-alone systems to become economically viable.