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Installing Solar Panels, Sydney

Soltek Energy

Soltek Energy specialise in solar energy systems in Sydney and rural areas. We provide locally designed sun tracking systems and can install single units or large-scale farm systems in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of installing solar panels in Sydney

At the last count, the installation of energy efficient solar panels has been completed on more than 1.5 million rooftops in Australia. The benefits to both residential and commercial property owners of using solar energy are many and include:

  1. Reduced power bills: Once you have paid for the system, you will have access to free electricity for as long as you continue to own the property. This can make a huge difference to your monthly bills and is a massive return on your investment.
  2. Supporting the environment: Reducing your carbon footprint by installing solar panels in Sydney helps to reduce pollution and maintain our environment for future generations.
  3. Save money with rebates: Government rebates are still available to residential and commercial property owners for solar panel installations in Sydney and the surrounding areas. This is a huge saving on the costs of installation, but these rebates could be removed at any time, so it is a good idea to move to solar while these rebates are still available.
Solar Power
Soltek solar panel installation, Sydney

When you have made the decision to install solar panels on your property, we will come out to your property and discuss your requirements with you. We look at the size of the property you need to power, your energy usage and the available space for your panels.

As accredited installers, we will ensure that your system is large enough to suit your needs, so you will never have another power bill again. Once we have installed your system, we will show you how to shut the system down and isolate it from the rest of your power system – in case of emergencies.

We will also give you your warranty, chat about regular maintenance and make sure that you have all of the relevant contact details for our company. So if you are wondering how to install solar panels, just call us on the number below and we will supply the panels and install them for you.