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Commercial Solar Power Systems, Sydney

Soltek Energy is the industry leader in the installation of large scale industrial and commercial solar panel systems in Sydney. Investing in commercial solar power for your organisation has many significant benefits, including saving your company money, reducing your carbon footprint and enhancing your corporate image.

We all know that electricity prices will continue to increase, so installing commercial solar in Sydney will be a long term financial investment that will offer many returns.

5 benefits of commercial and industrial solar panels in Sydney

The popularity of commercial solar systems in Sydney has increased dramatically over the past few years, as more and more companies realise the benefits of installing Australian made solar panels in Sydney.

  1. Reduce you organisation’s carbon footprint: Without a doubt, reducing your carbon footprint will go a long way to supporting our environment and maintaining our plant for future generations.
  2. A positive corporate image: Increasingly, the image portrayed by an organisation has a significant impact on their profits. So being seen as a company that supports the environment will have a positive impact on public opinion, giving you an edge on the competition and helping your business grow and expand.
  3. Visible demonstration of your green image: Just saying that you support the environment, does’t actually demonstrate your commitment. Installing commercial solar energy in Sydney however, will make it very clear to the public that you stand by your word.
  4. Long term financial returns: As electricity prices continue to increase, your power bills would normally increase accordingly. Installing commercial solar panels in Sydney however, will make a massive difference by completely eliminating your power bills – a huge ROI for any organisation.
  5. Take advantage of current government rebates and feeding tariffs: We all know that the rebates and feeding tariffs will end at some time or another, so it only make sense to take advantage of these right now – to the financial benefit of your organisation.

Soltek Energy’s team is highly experienced in providing solar power for homes in Sydney and with our accredited installers, we can help you understand how solar electricity will save you money!